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Studio Policies 

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Studio Policies

The studio year consists of 40 weeks of lessons, classes, and recitals, from mid-August through mid-July.  Families enrolling in the program make a commitment to complete the full studio year.  This is important for the student as well as for the continuity of the program.  In the event that you need to discontinue mid-year, tuition payments already paid are non-refundable.

Lessons missed by the teacher will be made up.  Lessons missed by the student during the school year are not usually able to be made up. 

Parents may use the swap list to switch lessons with another family. If you cannot arrange a swap, please contact the teacher; if there is an opening that week caused by another student’s cancellation, you will be offered the other time.  If you do not receive a call, no make-up is available and you should just come to your lesson the following week.

The lesson schedule during the summer is more flexible than during the school year.  At the beginning of the summer, students notify the teacher of their vacation plans, and lessons that will be missed can often be rescheduled.  Families who will be gone for an extended period should give advanced notice so that adequate plans can be made.  Tuition is always due for the full studio year.

Students are expected to practice daily for a length of time appropriate to their age and level.  Thirty to sixty minutes of high quality practice per day (less for beginners) is typically needed to make sufficient progress to encourage a student.

Parental Responsibilities

Dr. Suzuki wrote, "The fate of the child is in the hands of the parent."  In the Suzuki studio, we recognize that parents play a vital role in the success of their children. One parent attends lessons with the child to observe, set the bench and footrest, take notes, etc., and then practices with the child at home. Parents continue in this capacity until their child is 12 years old and demonstrates the ability to practice independently. 

Beginning in middle school, the parent plays a less active roll in lessons, but still attends the lesson until the student is ready to drive himself.  

Please arrive on time, so as not to feel rushed.  Quiet yourself and your child before entering the studio and allow time for observation. Plan to spend as much as an hour at the studio so you are not in a hurry to rush to the next activity. Students should enter the piano room no later than their appointed lesson time, regardless of whether the previous lesson has finished.  This also applies when the previous student is a brother or sister.

Cell phones should be turned off or silenced during lessons and answered only for emergencies.  

Before the lesson, parents should check that the student’s hands are clean and fingernails are trimmed.  Come prepared with music books, filled-out practice record, notebook, et cetera.  Make the most of your lesson time by having everything ready to give to the teacher. Treat the studio with respect by keeping it neat and check that things are picked up before you leave.  Respect other students’ lessons by keeping things quiet throughout the studio.

Listen to fine recordings at home. Play the recording of the student’s pieces a lot; hearing the CD several hours per day, especially in the early stages, will help create success and ease of learning. Pianos should be tuned two to four times per year for productive, enjoyable practice.


Recital Guidelines

Formal recitals are held two or three times per year, often in Comstock Concert Hall at the University of Louisville School of Music, the area’s finest concert venue for piano. 


These recitals are a highlight of the program and provide natural motivation for all of us to try hard. They are open to the public and are followed by a reception, so invite family and friends!

Students are eligible to perform under the following guidelines:

The student must have a piece that has been performed at a previous studio event or has been qualified as “recital ready” by four weeks before the recital date.  Students must attend the entire recital and take part in the rehearsal.  Be sure to leave time for the reception as well!  For the best experience, get a good rest the night before and limit other activities on recital day.

Concert attire is formal.  Girls are expected to wear a one-piece dress, preferably tea length or longer.  Hair should be arranged to be out of the face.  Boys wear a sport coat and tie, or a suit.  There may be no casual pants, shirts, or shoes. These are the accepted standards for concert dress and make the event more special for everyone.  

Although there are many advantages to our informal culture, children benefit greatly from having formal experiences as well and often play their best at recitals.

Student piano recital in Comstock Hall


2021-22 TUITION

30-Minute Lessons


45-Minute Lessons


Tuition includes weekly lessons, performance classes, online videos of recitals, awards, and materials such as practice books.


The yearly tuition is divided into ten payments due the first day of the month from July through April.

30-Minute Lessons

10 Payments of $160

45 Minute Lessons

10 payments of $200


The yearly tuition is divided into two payments due July 1st and January 1st. There is a $25 discount for each payment, a savings of $50 per year.

30-Minute Lessons

2 payments of $775

45-Minute Lessons

2 payments of $975



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