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The materials and service providers listed below are the ones we use at the studio and others we recommend. You can buy the books and CDs from different places, just check to get these specific ones. For example, the Suzuki Piano Books come with and without a CD included. Because we use the recordings by Haruko Kataoka, which are sold separately, you can get the book that comes without the included CD.

Suzuki Piano Books 

       Volume    1      2      3     4      5      6      7

Suzuki Piano Recordings - Kataoka, pianist   

       Volume    1        2       

Books on Suzuki Method

      Nurtured by Love - Suzuki   

      Sensibility and Education - Kataoka

Music Reading Book - The Perfect Start 

       Note Reading - Book 1

       Solo Playing - Book 1

Theory Books 

      Just the Facts II

Adjustable Piano Footrest  

       Teri Paradero

Adjustable Piano Benches

      CPS Piano Bench

      Exemplar Furniture Group Bench

      Frederick Piano Chair

      On Stage Hydraulic Bench

Music Education Organizations

      Suzuki Piano Basics Foundation

      Suzuki Association of the Americas

Louisville Piano Technicians

      Brian Steward - (502) 425-2009 

      Hans Sander  - (502) 418-4929

      Matt Grossman - (502) 423- 0105

Louisville Piano Dealers

      The Piano Shop   (502) 553-5171

      Gist Piano Center   (502) 451-1831

      Henderson Music Company  (502) 365-3680

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