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Welcome to the Studio!

Suzuki Piano of Louisville is the teaching studio of Bruce Boiney. Students of all ages and levels come to the studio in Crestwood, Kentucky each week. They learn by ear at first, which allows them to develop a natural technique and appreciation for sound before learning to read, which is then carefully taught. Parents attend with their children and help younger students develop good practice skills at home. It's typical for children to begin lessons at age four or five and continue through high school. We are serious about music and also have a lot of fun!

Program Overview

Weekly Lessons

Beginning students have lessons once or twice a week in a small group. They have individual lessons and watch the others, learning and being comfortable making music together. When ready, they are scheduled for 30-minute lessons once a week. Later, as pieces become longer, this is increased to 45 minutes.

Beginner piano lesson on arm position

Monthly Classes

Once a month, students get together at the studio on a Saturday afternoon to play for each other in a casual atmosphere. Using their skills by performing regularly and developing friendships over refreshments afterward make learning a rewarding experience.

Duet reading in piano class

Formal Recitals

Formal recitals are held two or three times per year, often in venues like Comstock Concert Hall at the University of Louisville School of Music, the area’s finest concert venue for piano.  These recitals are a highlight of the program and provide natural motivation for all of us to try hard.

Student piano recital in Comstock Hall

“Mr. Boiney meets every student where they are and then proceeds to take them to musical places they didn't know existed. It's a beautiful process to witness.” 

—  MH Hege

Someone Playing Piano

The Instructor

Bruce Boiney has 30 years experience teaching the Suzuki Method.  He is a graduate of Shinichi Suzuki's Talent Education Research Institute in Matsumoto, Japan. He received his Suzuki Method teaching certificate from Dr. Suzuki in 1992, after more than two years of pedagogy training with Haruko Kataoka, pioneer and leading authority on Suzuki Piano.  He is one of approximately twelve pianists in the United States to have completed this program.


He holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Education with a concentration in Piano Pedagogy from the Crane School of Music in Potsdam, New York.  He has served as a clinician for other Suzuki workshops across the United States. He serves on the board of Suzuki Piano Basics Foundation and is a member of Suzuki Association of the Americas. He is a past president of the Greater Louisville Music Teachers Association

Mr. Boiney’s teaching is profoundly indebted to Haruko Kataoka and is dedicated to the ideals of Shinichi Suzuki, whose vision was that all children can and should have the experience of creating music as easily as they speak their native language.  His conviction is that in the process, we change the children's lives as well as our own, parents and teacher alike.

Bruce Boiney.jpg

"Music is the art of sound."


                                  - Haruko Kataoka

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